She is vulnerable. She isn’t a bitch because of her red lipstick. She is beautiful because of her pimple marks that made her strong. Her eyes are can see from within not just the outside of who you are. She can see how sad or happy you are today. She doesn’t care how you look or how people see you. She only cares about on how you see yourself as you. She is capable of love, she isn’t perfect , she can also hurt feelings. But she vulnerable, she is passionate when uttering the words “I Love You”. She can be hurt easily.  She can carry herself in the public with guts and confidence even though people will just judge her looks. But she doesn’t care. She is a woman with a class, yes, she can be a bitch ,if you are rude to her. But remember , she can be your angel when you treat her right. Trust is her number one enemy. It is hard for her to trust anyone so she tends to push people away ,but she doesn’t intend to do that. She just wants you to stay and be with her even if she is difficult. She just wants you to show how you really wanna be with her. And at the end of the day, if you earned her trust ,she will give you everything. That’s how vulnerable she is….. this is how vulnerable I am.