Am I doing the right thing?
Am I loving the right person?
Should I continue exposing the inner me to him?
Should I continue waiting for his promises that we will meet on 2020?
Should I be hoping that he won’t be entertaining any other girls beside me?
Should I……



I can’t even concentrate.
I feel like giving up.
I feel numb too.
I feel nothing.
Everything seem to be falling apart.
Tell me what to do.
Tell me what to say.
Tell me my choices.
Should I continue,
Or should I stop??

Love isn’t Perfect

You don’t get to choose the one that you will love. It is a natural thing. You will just feel it. But sometimes destiny tricks you, you love him but he doesn’t love you back. Yes he truly cares for you but he doesn’t love you. This is how we know that love hurts.. but remember always risk your heart because you never know that one day you will find the one that will love you and your flaws.

Fucked up

You make me feel butterflies in my stomach. You put a smile on my face even if I am so sad. You never fail to make me laugh. You are wonderful and unique. And I think I might me in love with you. But my feelings shouldn’t be trusted. I think I love you but sometimes I don’t.

Like a Black Hole

Love is like a blackhole. It is a magnetic force field.  That will magnet anything to conspire for it. We are all here existing because of love. We breath because of love. People carry on because of love. We are stuck here , finding the one. The one that will make us happy. The one person that can make your day happy. The only person that can give you chills in the spine. Love is a powerful element. It is both a feeling and an action. Like a force field ,it is powerful.

Enough is Enough

I am tired of pleasing people. I am tired of making them like me. If they won’t text then I won’t too. I will never ever beg. If they like me so do their job. But if I cannot see efforts then I won’t care. And please I am doing alot of efforts bit I don’t get anything in return , they can resist not to text. Then fuck off, I don’t need you in my life. I am tired of
crying over people who aren’t worthy at all. Do whatever you want ,I don’t give a shit.

You are Mine Tonight

Let your body wrap my cold skin.
Give me warmth and comfort in this wilderness.
Whisper me things that I never heard before,
Touch my skin, and caress my hair,
Kiss me tenderly as if there is no tomorrow for us
Scream my name as ,like a heartbeat.
And let’s be one tonight,my dear.

Every movement is an ecstasy,
Every soft touch is fantastic.
Whisper my name ,as you moan,
Slide your body , and give me chills.
You are my captain ,and I will be your ship.
Search the vast ocean, and search it with me.

Baby, you are mine tonight,
Let our bodies do the magic,
I bet that you we will like it.
Breath through my mouth
And whisper my name.
You are mine tonight, baby, and no one else.

I Choose to Stop

One more day, one more time, and I told myself one more chance. But how can I give a chance when you keep on messing up? No, I said one more time, one more chance. Then you screwed up. No more chances, I choose to stop. I cannot consider myself as a bad person, I gave you a chance, but you failed, for the 6th time. I cannot lie, you’re the sweetest and you’re my favorite. You said you like me, and will never give up on me. But…. You lied. But…. You lied. And still, I like you. I forgave you. I gave you chances because I know you will change. You told me you will change. You told me you will leave her… But…. You lied.. again..  Now, tell me who is to blame? I stopped. I even deleted your number. I said I stopped. But you’re my favorite. You’re the sweetest. But I choose to stop. You are not my favorite, nor my sweetest. You lied, never expect that I will come back.

The 5th

I met you on the 5th of the coldest July. We became friends since then. We went to the movies and kissed goodbye. And  on the 4th of August you uttered you like me. We kissed and make out. You held my hand every single day. You kept me safe and warm even on the darkest side. We kissed ,we make out, we hugged, and we held each others arms. You told me “I love you” whenever you can. We kissed ,we make out, and held each others hand. But one day, I saw you weeping in the corner. I asked, I hugged you too. You told me you were sorry. You told me,, something… Something that shocked me.. I touched you. But you… You let go of my hand.. You told me something…. And I was shocked… You told me you slept with someone you met at the bar. I thought everything was perfect between us. I thought we are perfect. I thought you were perfect… You were crying and kept on saying sorry…. I wept, I wept. And then I said,, “pack your things, leave and never come back. I thought we were perfect ,but we were never perfect.” It was 5th of July when I met you. And it was the 5th of December when you left.